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30 Campbell Avenue, SW

Roanoke VA 24011

Audition for To the New Girl From the Former Mrs. _______: Sound Advice for My Husband's New Wife or Mistress

Saturday, April 21st, 2PM-4PM at Studio Roanoke

Auditions for the play "To the New Girl From the Former Mrs. ___________: Sound Advice for My Husband's New Wife or Mistress"
Written by Samantha Macher
Directed by Cheryl Snodgrass

Ten women give considered advice – sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious – to their husbands’ new flames.

Performance dates: June 20 - July 1, 2012

Readings will be taken from the script. Roles for 10 women available:

MIRIAM (OVER FIFTY): A Jewish grandmother finds out at
Passover that her husband has fallen in love and is getting
married to a Catholic girl he met on a business trip

FAYE (EARLY TWENTIES): The naive wife of a felon writes his new
girlfriend to ask for her engagement ring back...or else.

ZOE (TWENTIES): A young lady in a kinky relationship finds
out that there's more than one woman her town willing to
diaper a grown man.

BETHANY (THIRTIES): A "good Christian girl" discovers her
pastor husband's love for a man could threaten his
televangelism career.

SHEILA (FORTIES): A woman who is unable to conceive her
husband's child finds out that his mistress is pregnant with

ALEXIS (FORTIES): A woman with a waning sense of self tells
her daughter's nanny that her husband's advances are all
apart of her household responsibilities.

MELANIE (THIRTIES): Wielding a meat cleaver, Melanie warns
her abusive husband's mistress to stay far, far away from

ELISSA (THIRTIES): Her husband's old flame threatened the
sanctity of her home and marriage to the point of no return.

HARRIET (OVER SIXTY): A “tough old broad” recounts the story
of her marriage to a woman in a nursing home who is in love
with her severely ailing husband.

KAREN (TWENTIES): A teacher tells the student who is sleeping
with her husband how (and why) she should make his favorite
pork chops.

A reading copy of the script can be available by contacting

If you are not available during the set audition time, please contact and we'll see if we can audition you at a different time.

Hope to see you there!



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