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Dedicated to new, exciting, and innovative theatrical works of the highest quality, we provide a space where writers, performers, and an audience can come together in a spirit of community and collaboration to expand our understanding of what is possible in the theatre. We also offer educational programs and support for artist development for Southwestern Virginia. By working in concert with other arts organizations, we will strive to make Roanoke a nationally recognized ignition point for new play development.
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Check here regularly for information concerning the casting needs of specific shows. Often, this will be in addition to the regular audition notices. Check both pages regularly!

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Auditions for Nobody Gets Paid

Auditions for the upcoming show "Nobody Gets Paid" by Ellen Struve and directed by Charlie Boswell will be at Studio Roanoke on Monday, February 6th - possible call-backs on Tuesday February 7th.

About "Nobody Gets Paid"
Take a glimpse backstage, where musicians sing their songs in prose, using humor, candor and a fair amount of foul language. Whether the trial is quitting cigarettes, surviving a cruise ship gig or dealing with the day job, the characters tell us what makes the jazz life worth the struggle.

Performances run march 7-18 (Wednesday-Saturdays @8pm, Sundays @2pm)

Roles for men and women of all ages and ethnicities available:

NOTE: Actors DO NOT need to sing or play an instrument in this production.

CLUB OWNER older Caucasian male
CHICK SINGER young female (any ethnicity)
B3 middle-aged male (any ethnicity)
LEAD middle-aged African American male
GUITAR PLAYER young Caucasian male
KID young male (any ethnicity)
BASS PLAYER late twenties Caucasian male
DRUMS late twenties male (any ethnicity)
BARTENDER male or female, any age, any ethnicity
HORN Late twenties male (any ethnicity)
BASS Late twenties male (any ethnicity)

For a reading copy of the script, please contact Studio Roanoke at

We hope to see you there!










Studio Roanoke is in constant need of actors, directors, designers, and other theatre artists willing to work mostly for the sake of learning more about what they do and the reward of contributing to something amazing.

If you’d like to be entered into our ever-expanding database of local talent, please email us at  

Once you’re in the database, our playwrights and directors will be able to quickly seek you out to ask about your interest and availability for the project they are working on.

Make sure you also click the big blue link on our main webpage to be added to our mailing list.  This way you'll be able to receive timely updates about news, opportunities, and events at the Studio.

  • Contact information including street and mailing address, primary email, home phone, work phone, cell phone
  • Resume including age range, height, weight, hair color, vocal range, dance training, special skills, prior roles and experience
  • Headshot as a high resolution jpeg (need not be professionally done, it just needs to look like you. Really, it has to look like you, so make sure it is recent and not an "idealized" glam shot.
  • Short professional bio (250 words in .rtf or word document, please)
  • hometown newspaper (with URL if known)
  • Your website
  • Anything else you think we should know, good or bad, about you.

    This would include conflicts, special abilities, special disabilities. Be honest. If you are afraid of heights or don't want to appear in a love scene with anyone, that is pretty important to know up front.

    Don't worry that being honest about conflicts or limitations will keep you from getting cast. It won't, but finding out about them after you are cast might keep you from getting cast next time. We can work around conflicts and problems...but only if we know about them i


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