Dedicated to new, exciting, and innovative theatrical works of the highest quality, we provide a space where writers, performers, and an audience can come together in a spirit of community and collaboration to expand our understanding of what is possible in the theatre. We also offer educational programs and support for artist development for Southwestern Virginia. By working in concert with other arts organizations, we will strive to make Roanoke a nationally recognized ignition point for new play development.
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Studio Roanoke Understudies Program

Our Understudies are a devoted group of community members dedicated to the performing arts in Roanoke, and to the longevity of Studio Roanoke. Their combined support help offset some of the operational costs of the theatre, promoting the longevity of Roanoke’s home for new plays and the people who create them. For a small monthly gift of at least $30, these friends have committed to keeping Studio Roanoke’s doors open. Please consider joining this group. For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can help ensure that the Roanoke community will continue to benefit from the work of Studio Roanoke and its artists.

Current Understudies:

  • Lora Lee Hart and Barry Bedwell, since February 2010
    (in memory of their daughter Hannah)
  • Kimberly Jew, since October 2009
  • Kristen Moses, since October 2009
  • Steven V. Rice, since October 2009
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Waters, since March 2010
  • Angela Wright, since October 2009

The list of current Understudies is short. If just one person at every performance and event joined the group, the Studio Roanoke Understudies would eventually provide the theatre with enough monthly fiscal support to cover all non-production related costs, allowing Studio Roanoke to focus on its mission of producing new, exciting, and innovative theatrical works of the highest quality, while providing a space where writers, performers, and an audience can come together, in a spirit of community and collaboration, to expand their understanding of what is possible in the theatre.

For more information, please contact Studio Roanoke’s Artistic Director, Kenley Smith, at or call us at 540.343.3054.

To set up your monthly donation using your credit card, click the image below:
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Click Here to Donate!

Then contact our General Manager, Shay Mullins, to let her know you've set up your monthly payment and she'll add you to our Understudies roster!


30 Campbell Ave., SW

Roanoke VA 24011

The only thing we do at Studio Roanoke is promote the creation, production and presentation of new work for the stage.  That includes eight full productions, six Workshop Series readings, six Guerrilla Cinemas, 12 Guerrilla Playhouses, 12 Literary Lounges, 12 Acoustic Lounges, and a handful of special events each season.

Our unique mission has captured the imagination of a large number of theatre artists and patrons resulting in solid growth and helping us rapidly build a strong national reputation as an ignition point for new play development. Sometimes it seems that more people know about us in New York, Chicago, DC, and Los Angeles than right here at home.

From our High Ball/Low Ball Fundraiser, 4/30/2011


What it costs to do what we do:

  • $1,800 pays one month’s rent
  • $2,000 pays one month’s administrative salaries
  • $1000 pays the honorarium for a visiting guest professional director
  • $800 pays the entire budget for set, props, and costumes for a single production
  • $400 pays for our utilities for an entire month
  • $200 pays for a single lighting instrument
  • $100 pays for printing the posters for a single show
  • $44 pays for a roll of stamps
  • $25 pays to replace a stage lamp bulb

Obviously, ticket sales alone can’t cover our costs. We need the support of people like yourself, who are committed to keeping live theatre an important part of Roanoke’s cultural life. We need you.

Is Studio Roanoke something you think our community needs?

Please make a tax-deductible contribution today. To do your part to help build a permanent home for new and exciting performances in Roanoke, click here or simply mail a check made payable to:

Studio Roanoke
PO Box 1749
Roanoke, VA 24008

Capital Campaign: The first 100

Equipping a theatre space is a continuing process.  We always can use more lighting fixtures, consoles, mixers, amplifiers, computers, software, etc. -- all of the things necessary to make modern theatre happen. We’re honoring the first 100 people who donate $1,000 or more to the Capital Fund with a permanent engraved nameplate on a plaque in the lobby.

Annual Fund

Each year we need to raise at least $95,000 to fund our operating budget. This very small budget includes salaries for our paid staff, honorariums for our guest directors, travel funds to bring directors and playwrights together, printing, publicity, advertising, paint, tools, postage, costumes, props, set pieces, flats, nails, screws, light bulbs, and all the hundreds of other things you need to put on a play. Or, in our case, nearly a dozen plays a year. Plus our special programming, tours, readings, classes, and other cool stuff you’d never get anywhere else. It’s up to you. Without your help, none of it will happen.

Donations will be generally accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, government agencies, or other entities without limitations so long as the acceptance of gifts from a specific source is consistent with the mission, beliefs, and values of our theatre. Studio Roanoke will not accept gifts from companies whose products may be harmful to our audience or collaborators, or from donors whose requests for public recognition are incompatible with our mission and philosophy.

We strongly encourage multi-year pledges for major gifts, but for no more than three to five years. Donors should indicate in a pledge letter with their gift the purpose for which it is intended (Annual Fund or Capital Fund), payment schedule, and how they wish their name to appear in donor recognition materials.

When gifts with restrictions are accepted, restrictions will be honored. These restrictions should be detailed in the donor's pledge or commitment letter.

Donor information that should be kept private will not be made public.

Certain types of gifts must be reviewed prior to being accepted because they will create liabilities or impose special obligations on Studio Roanoke. Please contact us directly if you are considering any of the following types of gifts: Publicly Traded Securities, Closely Held Securities, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Tangible Personal Property.

While an outright gift is always best for Studio Roanoke, some donors may find that they can support us at a more substantial level with a planned gift. Giving through charitable remainder trusts, unitrusts, charitable gift annuities, bequests, and gifts of life insurance policies often provide the donor with significant tax relief while at the same time providing for the future of Studio Roanoke. We would be happy to discuss with potential donors such gift options. Please contact Melora Kordos, our artistic director, at

Studio Roanoke is a federally registered 501c3 non-profit organization and contributions made to us are tax deductible within the charitable giving regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the IRS approval letter is available upon request.

You can now donate online! Click the image below:
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Click Here to Donate!

Click here to download our complete donor materials as a PDF!

Our Community Partners

Please join us in thanking those corporations and organizations who have provided significant material support in pursuing our mission and goals

The Roanoke Times/

City Magazine

101.5 The Music Place

New City Media


Swift Print

First 100 Capital Campaign Donors

We would like to thank and to recognize the far sighted individuals and corporations who were the first 100 donors to contribute $1000 or more to our Capital Campaign!
  1. Kenley S. Smith
  2. Catherine Leonard
  3. Sean Nitchmann
  4. Anonymous
  5. Martin's German Service
  6. Sam's Leasing, Inc.
  7. Mary Scripps
  8. Cheryl Snodgrass
  9. Todd Ristau and Joan Ruelle
  10. Maura Campbell and Richard Leff
  11. Kathryn B. Kennerly
  12. Jane O'Quinn
  13. Michelle Bennett
  14. Adam Whisner


2011 Donors

  • Patrick Kennerly

  • Sandy Dietrick

  • Nancy Kordos

  • Julie Pfeiffer

  • Ed Walker

  • Evelyn Tielking

Annual Fund Contributors for 2010

Without the contributions of our supporters who have given to our Annual Fund, we would be unable to meet the day-to-day costs of fulfilling our important mission. We could never truly express our gratitude, but we hope that by recognizing these amazing people here, others will thank them along with us, and be inspired to join them in contributing to Studio Roanoke's success.

Because we are primarily are primarily a playwright's theatre, we have grouped our donors into categories which reflect the stages of a playwright's career.

American Theatre Icon ($20,000+)
  • Your name here!

Established ($10,000+)
  • Your name here!
  • Kenley S. Smith

Breakout ($5,000+)
  • Your name here!
  • Anonymous

Up and Coming ($1,000+)
  • Your name here!
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Tom and Shay Anderton
  • Kristen D. Moses
  • Jane O'Quinn
  • Todd Ristau and JD Ruelle

Emerging ($500+)
  • Your name here!
  • Good to Go Foods
  • Barbara Hahn
  • Brian Turner/Wright Electric, Inc.
  • Angela Wright

Undiscovered ($100+)
  • Your name here!
  • Anonymous
  • Nicole Adkins
  • Laura Tuggle Anderson
  • Michelle Bennett
  • Gregory D. Burmann
  • Sharon K. Burnham
  • Sharon L. Capps
  • Kathy Cramblett
  • Alene M. Gabriel
  • Adam Hahn
  • Susan and Geoff Jennings
  • Scott Luck
  • Kristen Moses
  • Nancy Maurelli and Jeff Wood
  • Margaret Ristau

Aspiring ($1+)
  • Your name here!
  • Anonymous
  • Steven Barber
  • Gail Basham
  • Andy Bragen
  • Steven Breeding
  • Katherine Chittum
  • Michael Colby
  • Marilyn R. Donato
  • Beth Durham
  • Jeanmarie Fink
  • Pearl Fu
  • Stevie Holcomb
  • Jennifer Horner
  • Ursula Hull
  • Lianne Jackson
  • Audrey Kerry
  • Emily and Michael McCoy
  • Trish Mileham
  • Roanoke Natural Foods Coop
  • Christopher and Emily Nydle
  • Blair Peyton
  • Laurie Thwaites
  • Raymond Wallace
Annual Fund Contributors for 2009

American Theatre Icon ($20,000+)
  • Kenley S. Smith

Breakout ($5,000+)
  • Todd Ristau and JD Ruelle

Up and Coming ($1,000+)
  • Combined Anonymous Giving
  • Steven V. Rice
  • Adam Whisner

Emerging ($500+)
  • Sandy Dietrick
  • Michael W. Ridenhour
  • Margaret Ristau

Undiscovered ($100+)
  • Laura Tuggle Anderson
  • Michelle Bennett
  • Alice G. Burlinson
  • Jason Burton
  • Wendy S Cohen
  • Brian Gibson
  • Steven R. & Barbara Hahn
  • Gary Kraterfield
  • Kristen D. Moses
  • Peter Sapienza
  • Jonathan Stacks

Aspiring ($1+)
  • Greg Armknecht
  • Theresa Augsburger
  • Maryke Barber
  • Mary Best Bova
  • Craig D. Chesler
  • Glen Conrad
  • Kathy and Jim Cramblett
  • Kate De Vore
  • Lynn Donnary
  • Stephanie Frey
  • Megan Gogerty
  • Jeff Goode
  • Adam Hahn
  • Aaron Hahn
  • Nathan Hahn
  • Cherie Amos Hall
  • Keith Hall
  • Heather Hardin
  • Inger Hatlen
  • Connie Stevens Henson
  • Julee Hickox
  • Stevie Holcomb
  • Shelly Holdren
  • Julie Lindsey Hunsaker
  • Caroline Jacobson
  • Charles and Christine Jordan
  • Patrick Kennerly
  • Kim
  • William C. Krause and Judith A. Cline
  • Eileen McCaul
  • Rachel MacKnight
  • Anna McLaughlin
  • Michael J. Mix
  • Karen Moeller
  • Harry P Montoro
  • Leisa Layman Mundy
  • Rena Musyt
  • Deanna Dement Myers
  • Tira Palmquist and Philip Johnson
  • Laurel Colletti Riddle
  • Chad Runyon
  • Steven Savitt
  • Bradley Allen Schnurr
  • James Sears
  • Stephanie Semler
  • Susan Sheldon
  • Jen Shepard
  • Bonnie P. Snider
  • Jacque and Tim Troy
  • Katherine Fralin Walker
  • Daryn J. Warner

Contact us at 540.343.3054 or at for complete details on how you can help Studio Roanoke thrive.

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